Extreme Dizziness Due To Blood Pressure Med

This is very unlike me to be posting about my own physical problems. I enjoy helping and supporting other people, but It is rare for me to admit that I have problems too. I guess we all need to come out in the open like this now and then.

 In the fall, 2008,  I had dizzy spells and felt like I would pass out at times. My internist and neurologist had many tests done for several months. No solution was found until a mild infection was discovered in my inner ear, the center of balance and equilibrium. I was given a med and it seemed I was improving. In January of this year it was back and worse than ever. The med that my ENT doc gave me did not help. More testing. They thought I had an infected sinus problem. A shot and meds followed, but did not work. My internist made a desperate move. He told me to stop my blood pressure med (Altace) for two weeks. Ten days into doing without Altace my dizziness disappeared. It was the first time in 18 months I did not have any dizzy spells. I started the Altace again and the dizziness returned. The source is found, but I need a BP med. My BP has been stable through all this and averages 128/58 when I am resting. If i stayed off a BP med indefinitely, I might have high BP. The secondary purpose of the BP med is to slow down my hyperfiltration in my kidneys. The kidneys are fine with the med, but without it I could eventually have kidney failure. I hope there is another BP med that will help my kidneys and my BP without causing my dizziness. Any suggestions?

OK, so old man Richard can have problems too. 64 years of good diabetes health, and no diabetes complications, but I have dizziness, accompanied at times by mild nausea. Nobody is perfect. Lol!

P.S. 124 of my books have been sold!

hi Richard, what's your bp on Altace?  is it low?

there are other bp meds, such as another formulations, or other ACE inhibitors that could be better tolerated.  if Altace is driving your BP too low, then it's not a side affect really it's just an overdose.

I find my bp med to make me dizzy esp when I am a little dehydrated.  When I was first put on vasotec it made me a little queasy, but it cleared up with a little time, my corrected bp is 110 over 75 unless I am dehydrated.  good luck.

i have been on vasotec (enalapril) for almost 12 years. i've never had dizziness with it, but i have to be careful because sometimes my BP will run low on it. i've never had high blood pressure, but i use it for my kidneys. this is an ace inhibitor (the same as altace). there are also beta blockers than can be used, but i think the protective quality of ace inhibitors is used more often in diabetics.

Hi Joe, my BP averages 128/58 on my 10 mg of Altace. It is strange that my BP did not go high while I stopped taking it for two weeks. It was over 140 in mid 2008 and that is when my dosage was raised. My diziness started about that time. I am thinking that I could go back to the half dosage and my BP will be OK, and the dizziness will be gone too. I am tired of grabbing the walls every morning to stay upright. It is better by lunch time.

Thanks for your reply!

Thanks C, I will mention vasotec to my doctor.

Richard....I take accupril for my blood pressure and I also take Cozaar.  I get dizzy spells every now and then, but nothing like you mentioned in your post.  I hope you can get things figured out as soon as possible!

Thanks Angela, I am taking notes. I had not heard of the meds you mentioned.

I've been on lisinipril w/o side effects (that one can cause coughing / throat irritation). But, it was a low dose, just for kidney protection.

Hope you can get this figured out!!

I've had dizziness with Lisinopril (take it for the Ace Inhibitors).  It wouldn't last long, so I started taking it at night before going to bed.  Problem solved! 

My doctor has changed my BP med to Losartan. I have taken it for more than two weeks. My dizziness is worse than ever before. I asked him if I could take Vasotec or Lisinopril (mentioned by you folks ), but he did not approve. I wonder why? I will find out what I try next, on Thursday. Dizziness and a headache that never stops. I'm sick of this!!!

Richard, all of the meds mentioned, and Losartan salt, AND your old med,  can cause dizziness and headaches, esp with your current bp being low.  there isn't a lot of data regarding the lowest dose that will protect your kidneys..... so if it was me and I was having trouble dealing, i'd cut the darn pill in half, and if it didn't help i'd cut it in half again.  if you aren't spilling protein (IMO I am not a doctor) it's not a problem.

on second thought, and if your doctor IS a jacka$$    maybe you should try living it up a little.  booze and salty foods should raise your bp!

  jk jk =)  juvenation does not approve of using booze and salt!

Joe, thanks for your advice. The BP meds I have been taking are capsules and cannot be cut in half. If they were pills I would have tried that before now. I see my doc on Thursday, and am going to request a lower dosage of whatever he is going to give me next.