Extra Medtronic Resevoirs

Hi all! I have about 13, unopened boxes of Medtronic MMT-326A Reservoirs. Since I use the 630G pump, these reservoirs are no longer applicable. That said, does anyone know where or how I could go about selling them for a much discounted rate? Since they’re over 30 days old, I can no longer return them. Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks!

Suggest you sell them on ebay. There are no restrictions in 49 states for selling insulin syringes, Delaware being the only state that requires a prescription. To avoid any legal problems you should probably state that these can NOT be sold to a Delaware state resident to avoid any legal problems.

Of course you could also list them on Craig’s List, but that can get complicated since it’s only local and you would need to meet them to deliver, which may have it’s own, possibly extreme risks.

Ted Quick
60 years as a Type 1