Endocrinologist Wichita Ks

Anyone know of caring, thourough, and compassionate endocrinologist located in Wichita Ks? Needing a new endocrinologist that can help my husband with his high bs swings! Please help! We need someone that can give real life advice not just from a book!

@pey543 hi Peyton, sorry I cant help in Kansas, but I can tell you that no one with t1 has perfect blood sugars. we all swing around because it is a very difficult disease. the doctor really is not there to make your blood sugar stable, they are there to give you the tools so YOU make your blood sugar as stable as you can. This T1 means we have to be the primary doctor, we have to make hourly and sometimes minute-by-minute choices about activity, carbs, and insulin.

a good doctor or CDE (certified diabetes educator) will listen to your husband and find out his lifestyle and goals, and then help develop the framework for a good strategy. it’s just a framework, it isn’t “you need to take 4 units of insulin”.

I always recommend “Think like a pancreas” for people trying to understand how to deal with T1.

anyway, i’ve only got 39 years experience treating t1, and my blood sugar swings plenty. good luck to you!