Encourage gmom

My granddaughter who is 10 was diagnosed with type 1 will be a week on tomorrow. Staying with mom would like to help with learning to administer meds.

hi @deathtodiabetes, Beverly

there is a whole lot to learn about insulin, carbs, exercise, and blood sugar. Probably the best bet might be to go with your granddaughter to her CDE (certified diabetes instructor) visits and ask a lot of questions. If you like to read, there is a book called “Think Like a Pancreas” which is my favorite for explaining everything diabetes. good luck.

It is very frustrating after a diagnosis, but by educating yourself with knowledge from online research and support groups, it all starts to make sense. Newly diagnosed diabetics in the US are very likely to have a long and healthy life. Their life expectancy is almost as good as it is for non diabetics. I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. After 71 years of type 1 diabetes I have good diabetes health. I have some neuropathy, but I do not have any serious diabetes related complications. With the proper care your granddaughter will receive, she has an excellent chance of having a great and rewarding life.

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