ED and D

Hey adult friends,

Something I worry about is getting ED in the - hopefully, if at all - distant future.  Any older guys here that can give me some warning/advice on the subject?  I know tight glycemic control is the best way to avoid it, but anyone have success stories/horror stories about the issue to tell?



Mad Evans,

As I got into my mid-30's, I found that if my blood sugar was too low - I had some trouble and that was new.  When I was a teen and in my early twenties I was unstoppable, LOL (I expect that is pretty normal).  So far, I still haven't needed the "little blue pills" or even considered them.  My wife and I just welcomed our second son in April and there has been no trouble there...  I think I'm more scared of eye damage because that requires surgery - the other... reportedly will only require some pills. 

For me, I treat it like all my D related concerns - I do the best I can to manage my care and plan to be dilligent about any other care I may need.  Now, I've only been diabetic for 26 years and I plan to have it a lot longer -so...  I guess time will tell.  I am sure it'll be a heck of an ego thumper if/when I find myself there but for now... life is good.

I don't know if I helped much...



Autonomic neuropathy is silent but deadly, only took a few years of poor control starting in college. Anejaculation at 25 ( no semen), Fortunate that I had my one biological child at 21. Loss of much sensation and reduced circulation by mid 30's made things very difficult. However, improved control, more exercise and cholesterol control to improve circulation along with help from ED drugs, I do OK now at 58. My biggest problem is lack of sellf-confidence, learned over the years of strggling. When I overcome this, all is well.