Does anyone want to be my friend?

I have been TID since I was 9. I just started a new job today and (strangely enough) met another woman who’s TID. She has an amazing network of diabetic friends and I don’t have a single one. Don’t really have tons of friends but I’d love to meet some people to talk to. Maybe even help others and be helped…

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@lrj55 hi Lauren,

yep, t1 is not exactly popular. just a suggestion, if your co-worker turns out to be someone you feel comfortable talking to, maybe she can introduce you to her network?

in the meantime you have us. welcome to T1N.

Welcome! I’m 22 and was diagnosed at 17 I’d be glad to chat with you. I’m kinda in the same boat just looking for others to help walk through this

Hello i was just diagnose a couple days ago, before my birthday party, and I am ten years old. I hate that i have this because i cant eat like i used to anymore when i would eat at many different times and never one big meal except dinner. I live in Arizona, vistancia. How are you doing and where do you live?

Hi @caiden, - you are right, diabetes isn’t a whole lot of fun, but you will learn how to live with it and do just about everything else a 10 year old would want to do. Yes, it will take some time and it will be lots of learning many new things - things other kids will probably never think of.
I’m Dennis and I’ve lived really well with diabetes for over sixty years and I’ve done just about everything - about the only thing you can’t do with diabetes is be a commercial airline pilot; I’ve had diabetes since my 16th birthday - and I was too sick to eat the really awesome birthday cake my mom baked.
My youngest grandson was 12 last December and I’ll be happy to talk with you whenever - I - and many other people on here - know lots about living with diabetes so feel free to ask any questions you may have. Anw a BIG welcome to TypeOneNation.

I grew up in az. If you get a chance. There is a summer camp called camp AZDA. It’s in Prescott. It was the best experience of my life being a T1D. I was 5 when I was diagnosed, 2 days after my birthday. So were in the same boat. I’ve been diabetic for 25 years now

Hey, I’m 23 now but was diagnosed at 17 I’d be glad to talk to you if you have any questions, it is tough to go through alone and I wish I would have looked for more people when I was first diagnosed. Not sure what all you have available so my Snapchat is aambler17 and email is or you can message me on here!

Hi I am new here .I was diagnosed in March of 2016 with Type 2…After struggling BG in 500s or just HI and losing over 80 lbs.My endo tested for type 1 .At that time I was diagnosed with LADA or type 1 or type 1.5. .My brain is mush and since starring insulin .I am n an emotional roller coaster.I have a hard time getting out of bed much less completing even the most routine task.Paying bills and managing money have become a major struggle.I forget and find it impossible to keep track of spending.Simply exhausted and overwhelmed .My family thinks all I have to do eat healthy and exercise and things will be just fine.I have tried to explain to them how I feel .They act like they get it and the next day “If you would just eat well and exercise” .Then I just get even more frustrated .Zero support here.I am hungry and angry all the Time…I have never eaten the same time every day and am a very picky eater .Is it me ? Does the insulin make me feel this way ? Any advise is appreciated.Not even sure if this post is appropriate?

@Dotydede HI Colleen,

Being diagnosed with diabetes is physical and emotional trauma. your body is screaming to try to rebuild stores lost due a lack of insulin. Without insulin, your body burns fat and muscle, with muscle atrophy, you don’t have to be a medical expert to know it will take time to get your old strength back.

Depression is a mechanism that exhausts you and puts you in bed… it is a self-protection mode where if you had a ton of energy, you might hurt yourself. It takes a long time to grieve your loss of good health, and it is a process.

you will likely not get support on the outside as very few understand what we go through. I hope you have a good endo and CDE to help you.

for folks who have crazy schedules, I have found over the last 40 years, that an insulin pump is the most flexible tool for those with random eating sleeping or travel schedules.

you are in the right place, welcome to TypeOneNation and the club no one wants to be in! you are among friends here.

I always recommend “Think like a pancreas” for a reference book with everything you need at first in it.

Hi Lauren I have had diabetes since I was 11 and I too know no very few people and definitely not a network of friends, which I would love too.
I am in New Zealand and keen to chat anytime
Find me on Facebook if you like and we can message -Charlotte Cottrell

Thank you for responding…I will check out Think like a Pancreas and hope I can absorb the information.I have tried to research a lot and there is so much information and sometimes conflicting.or all leads to diet and exercise .I get it .The struggle is real !!