Does anyone know where or how I can get a discount on an insulin pump?

Good morning you all, as the title notes, do any of y’all have ideas on agencies/companies that provide insulin pumps at a lower cost? My cousin’s Endo encouraged him to look for another pump since his animus pump may be outdated and not supported given that animus was bought out. Endo just recommend he switch to a Medtronic or something along those lines… any ideas?! Thanks !

If I had it to do over again, I WOULD NOT have chosen my Medtronic 670g pump. Get something that works with the new Dexcom G6 sensor that doesn’t require constant recalibration.

Omnipod had a program offering their pump at a discount for animas users. Tandem may have too. I agree - not a fan of Medtronic- they had the corner on the pump market for decades and until they started having competitors (like animas - awesome pump) they did not put enough toward R&D to update their product. IMHO.

Tandem does have a program for Animas users. I love my t-slim x2. Updates are delivered to the pump via downloads. So happy with my switch from Medtronic to Tandem. You can also download and app from Tandem that lets you “browse” through the pump screens.

Thank you all for your replies, sharing information with my cousin!