Diet Soda/Dementia

This was big news last week. Diet Soda cause dementia and stroke (or at least up your chances) a new study finds.

I was wondering what yall think about this. I plan to talk to my endocrinologist about this.

I read the article and it says that it was only 1 test. they didn’t screen the testees for other contributing conditions.

If it’s the artificial sweeteners (which the test does not say, but what else could it be?), then iced tea with splenda or crystal light or whatever is going to have the same stuff. Those sweeteners have been studied a lot by the FDA and didn’t find this.

Also, I’ve been drinking at least 1 a day for 40 years. Makes me think I’m already toast.

Anyway, just curious about what you think about this.

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Like you I have been drinking diet drinks for many years, 32 to be exact! I’m a teacher and every year when I talk with my students about being diabetic at least one of them tells me that my Diet Mt. Dew is bad for me. I’ve told them if it’s “death by dew” then so be it lol! I guess I will continue to drink my diet dew as I refuse to drink only water until my death.

I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. I think saccharin was the only artificial sweetener back then. I used saccharin throughout my childhood, and many years beyond. Then there was Sucaryl, a liquid sweetener that contained cyclamate. The cyclamate was found to cause cancer, so it was no longer sold. There were several other artificial sweeteners after that, none of which I used. I was still using saccharin. Then a Canadian study reported that saccharin caused cancer in rats. It was banned in Canada, the UK, and some other European countries. I could not find it at my grocery store or drug store. A report emerged that said the statisticians in Canada had fed the rats very heavy amounts of saccharin. If a human ate an equivalent amount of saccharin, proportional to weight and body size, it would probably cause cancer in humans, too. Saccharin was no longer banned in the US, but it apparently is still banned in Canada. I use Sweet 'n Low, in the little pink packets. If you read the label you will see that product contains saccharin. I was so accustomed to saccharin for such a long time that Sweet 'n Low seems just right to me. I have used it for a long time. I think there were other sweeteners that were reported to cause cancer. Do you see a pattern here? If one sweetener is found to cause cancer, probably in rats, and it is banned, then the coast is clear for introducing a new sweetener. But, does the one that was banned really cause cancer , or was it a scam caused by false reporting, like the one with saccharin?
Aspartame is in all the Crystal Lite and the diet sodas that I drink every day, and it has been reported to cause problems with some users, but I don’t think it has been reported to cause cancer, yet.
For 71 years I have been a type 1 diabetic, and I have used artificial sweeteners for all of those years. I feel perfectly safe with all the sweeteners I have used.
Diet sodas cause “dementia and stroke”, really? If we could see the statistician’s report, we might find some inappropriate sampling techniques. I am not going to stop drinking a quart of Crystal Lite, and 1.5 diet sodas each day. I am not going to stop using an average of three packets of Sweet 'n Low each day. I feel perfectly safe with these artificial sweeteners.

P.S. Have you looked up some of these claims on the “Snopes” website? You can find some very interesting reports there.

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I agree with Richard. I’ve been drinking diet beverages for more than 30 years. If any of these artificial sweeteners really caused all of the problems the media reports on them, wouldn’t those problems be so much more common than they are (particularly in diabetics?)? We as diabetics are sort of forced to drink diet beverages (yes, you can avoid the artificial sweeteners if you really want to make the effort, but I’m guessing most don’t). Others choose diet beverages because they want to avoid all of the calories of “real sugar”. If artificial sweeteners caused cancer, dementia, or any other ailment, wouldn’t diabetics be diagnosed with those ailments in droves? No one really knows what causes dementia (or cancer), therefore EVERYTHING causes it or can be tied to it and you end up with ridiculous stories like “chewing gum increases cancer rates”, when in reality just because people with cancer chew gum it doesn’t mean the gum caused the cancer.

Does this make sense? I feel like I’m rambling LOL.