Diagnosed after gestational diabetes


Im 29…I just found out i have something new to care for along with my new baby- type 1 diabetes! I was placed on insulin for gestational diabetes so fortunately I had some practice as an insulin dependent diabetic. My fastings looked beautiful 2 weeks following delivery and started to trend up (100-125) some post meal numbers up to 190, started to feel bad so on a whim, tested my urine for ketones ( positive)… called my endo who got me in to test for type 1 as I dont have any risk factors for type 2. Im still producing insulin as Im able to keep my glucose within a reasonable range if I eat low carb (30 g or less a meal), but Ive been instructed to start back on my Novolog pens regardless. I am a RN with prior experience working in the ICU. I had a fair amount of DKA patients (which im terrified of)! I also belive that type 1 struggle more with very high blood sugars. The only time Ive hit 200+ so far is when I was tested for gestational diabetes. My question is are there any type 1 diabetics that haVe NOT experienced DKA or struggle with 250/300+ glucose levels? Is it possible to keep a consistent tight control on your glucose levels? This is not to make anyone feel bad that does experience these problems, just looking for a shard of hope. Thanks!

Hi. I only had DKA prior to diagnosis. Since then my bg is in range. The exceptions are on days of intense exercise - camping and stream fishing,etc. My doc and I prefer I relax control to avoid hypos. So I will get some 200s, but just for short periods. But my a1c is consistent at 6.2 and then 6.1. You will find a way to work this out with your activity levels. Good luck!