Diabetes Team Names?

Hello everyone!

I'm going to be attending my first "Step Out" event in October and I've just decided to create a team. I want to get started as soon as possible to start raising money, but I am trying to think of a catchy/creative team name. I was just wondering if any of you had any ideas you'd like to share?!

I'd love for it to make people laugh or smile, but I will take any suggestions! :D

So far I've just come up with:

"The diaBEATERS" .... and also "Diabetes Schmiabetes" ....  Thanks, guys!


Diabetes Schmiabetes made me smile.

I actually like that one too, I just wanted to run it by you all because I wasn't sure if people would take it negatively or not. It's something I always say when I don't want to have to think about it. For example, my mom will say, "Don't you have to go to work today?" My reply is always, "Work Schmork."  :) Thanks for letting me know it made you smile!

I lyk diaBEATERS! Also freedom fighters sounds kool.

My team was Kelsey's Ice Burned Suns. We had an oober fun time but Idk who came up with the name

for my walk team we choose not to do something relating to diabetes at all.

we called ourself "team car ramrod" which is from the movie super troopers, which me and my roomie(and most of my friends) really love to watch.

I like alliteration with my stuff...

Humalog Heroes (or Heroines if it's an all girls team :) )

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the Livabetics.

[quote user="Andrew"]

the Livabetics.


on my walk, one team's phrase was "diabetes? don't you mean live-abetes

my team was the Mixed Nuts...cuz my friends are mixed, and i'm nuts... :-P

My team is Brittany's Best Buds...me and my mom came up with it. lol. :P

We ended up calling ourselves "Walk Like a T1", but we really had wanted to be called, "Team Bret Michaels."  We didn't have the guts to register that one!

For ADA Tour de Cure, my team name was:

"Iron Fingertips"

Our team name for this year's JDRF Walk  is "ALL PUMPed UP".

I love this, and am going to use it for my 5 yr old and myself team name for our walk this year!