Diabetes stuff stolen

Hey guys you are not gonna believe this. ok so i was in second per. and had light weights. i had a snack cuz my blood sugar was low and then i put my stuff away. my teacher made me go back into the locker room to check my blood sugar later but when i went in there my purse with my diabetes stuff was gone!! someone had stolen it! not only did it have my diabetes stuff in it but also my learner's permit with my address, my asb card, and my house and car keys! i was so scared cuz they would know where i live and could break into my house or steal my car! luckily a couple hours later the janitor found my purse a little ways away from the locker room. i was so happy! nothing was stolen either except for some food but i was so thankful to get it back! we still don't know who did it tho but hopefully will find out who did

geez thts weird...i mean i know tht other stuff was in there but if the person knew u were diabetic i mean y steal the whole bag?? do THEY want to poke themselves 8 times a day or what?? thts really odd......lol

lol i know! then some other girl in there who got her camera stolen said that a bunch of people were saying that i accused her of stealing it and she almost started a fight with me!! this happened just yesterday!!