Diabetes makes you insecure?

If I answer you that question with 100% being honest, yes it does. Diabetes came into my life drastically. The learning and the experince and overcoming certain things is so hard. Having diabetes makes me question myself a lot. Will i be good enough ? Will i finish High School ?etc… All of these question on my mind have and answer and it’s yes. I am good enough , and I am capable of finishing High School. But there are times that my mind doesn’t think like that. Diabetes has taught me so many things but it’s teaching me to love myself once again. On the bad day I wanna give up but i have to remember that diabetes isn’t stronger then me. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and be proud of the person I am. I know it takes time but you have to start from somewhere.

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Hi Maria @mariachocoteco, thanks so very much for posting this question and for your personal response to your question - reading this encouraged me to reflect on my 60+ years living with diabetes. Oh, a belated Warm Welcome to TypeOneNation!

Your last sentence affected me greatly and highlighted your strong character and ambition; your positive outlook on life and your potential as a person. I was diagnosed on July 4th of the summer between my Sophomore and Junior years of high school - although in retrospect I had full-blown diabetes for a few months before diagnosis - and went on to graduate without much difficulty and with only one other person in the school knowing I had diabetes.
In all honesty, I believe that diabetes had a strong influence on the person I now am and it [diabetes] has given me strength and “the push” to over come obstacles, not only health obstacles, and now be able to look back at so many points of success as a family man, civic responsibilities and business successes having worked for more than 50 years before retirement 8 years ago. Many time, like you, I’ve questioned my ability to persevere and somehow I’ve had more successes than failures, but with a positive attitude been able to learn and keep learning.
Maria, keep your positive attitude and that smile on your face and lead others by your attitude. You can reach me here with the Message tool - I don’t yet have Instagram although a few family members were encouraging me last week to signup.

Maria, yes diabetes is truly a tough disease process to navigate…tough, but NOT impossible!!! It is not stronger than you Wonder Woman and if you continue to believe this, through blood, sweat and at times tears, you will depart this earth a very elderly woman with all 10 of your toes, clear vision and both kidneys actively in tow!
Bless you sweetie, remain faithful in professing your capabilities.
S. Allen

I understand what you’re saying. I was diagnosed at 18 years old (very recently) and I didn’t even want to finish high school. I barely finished high school. I finished it, however, by pushing myself. Fortunately, it was my last year, and it somewhat helped that I did school online in a home setting. But being at home didn’t make me more motivated to do my work, at all. It didn’t get rid of the void I felt in regards to being able to eat the way I used to. I just didn’t want to do anything at all. I think it definitely made a difference because I could actually tend to my needs and not worry about the prospect of having to balance the stress of diabetes with the stress of dealing with people in an actual school setting.

Diabetes makes you insecure if you let it. It’s all about what you let diabetes do to you. If you don’t let it define you then it wont if you let it than it will. If you let it make you insecure than it will. It’s about not worrying about what other people think of them. I took a lot of work but i chose to just be myself with diabetes.