Dexcom layoffs?

So, I’m reading on the web that Dexcom is laying off workers in the customer service department and outsourcing these jobs to the Philippines.

Does anyone know anything about this or have any links to show precisely what is occurring?

Before I start brushing up on my tagalog, I wanna get my facts straight. Calling Dexcom Customer Service has always been a bit of an exercise in frustration. I can’t see how this is gonna make things any easier.

Im also very curious about this as well if amyone has any details

Called today to check on status of my G6 order, given it had been 2 weeks without reply. No kidding…waited 1-hour 6-minutes to get to a customer service rep. She stated there are only a handful of her colleges left (only for the next couple of weeks), and new call centers are being opened in Mexico and the Philippines. Asked why, “We have grown so fast they needed to increase their customer support.” Good point, so you get rid of knowledgeable people and move the jobs overseas. Dammit Obama! (insert sarcasm)

My guess is that, with them now dealing with Medicare and the low reimbursement rates that Medicare provides, they have to do everything to save money. I have had the same thing happen with the pump supplies store I use. Medicare does indeed save money, and force prices down. But they force companies to outsource their customer service. That is one thing that can be outsourced. When I worked for a mail order pharmacy, we did the same thing. We could not ship drugs from overseas, and had to use U.S. pharmacists. But we could outsource the accounting department and some (not all) of the Customer Service. It was actually very difficult to hire competent Customer Service reps in the U.S. due to the low pay. People who will work for low pay do not tend to be very educated. But people in other countries who are fluent in English tend to be highly educated. So that can be a good thing.

Well this has everything to do with money and nothing with Obama. A typical off shore conversion will keep staff leaders and trainers on shore and convert rest of staff to offshore. Yes they are not going to keep a $20/hr employee around even with knowledge when they can get someone for $4. Pretty common and most service centers are moving offshore for cost savings.

Yup, in total agreement. The point was irony in juxtaposing the rabid claims that all faults in the world were caused by the black president (and apparently continue to be), with the hypocrisy one person being able to save all American jobs as they are offshored by large corporations chasing lower costs.

This site is an interesting exercise in having a unifying forum sharing common challenges dealing with daily care (mental and physical), interface with the medical care community and insurance. That shared experience, I believe, forces us all to give pause to the nasty 24/7 politically charged environment and realize how much of that rhetoric is useless babel in this communal space. Maybe…just maybe, some of us can carry that shared experience outside of this forum to start pulling together for common cause verses devise winning at all costs.


their stock is at an all time high.

Totally agree and BOTH sides are to blame for the mess. The big take away though is Medicare for all is too expensive and will stifle technology. When folks look at the stats of what’s covered for diabetics (not even those with several diseases) in socialized medicine it’s not the rosy picture painted. There’s not an easy quick fix. The left and the right get major money from Rx companies. Shoot there’s a 2020 candidate who just had a major fundraiser hosted by the Pfizer CEO.
Long story short we need a dual pronged approach and to realize neither side are true friend or foe.

Can you share the stats and sources (not a criticism…I truly would appreciate reading the digesting the information)?

I hear a lot of folks talk about how insuring all people is too expensive, but the cost curve growth will eventually force you there. The challenge I have personally faced is you can only get broad estimates of how much US companies spend in co-insurance and individuals pay in premium+deductible+co-pay+out-of-pocket-max. I am not sure how we have a reasonable conversation about cost and benefits until the cards are on the table. I also don’t believe for a minute that the data being unpublished and/or very difficult to find is an accident. My mind is not made up one way or the other, but the fact that we all state ‘facts’ on cost and benefits without the data makes me very skeptical that the current system is not raping us all.

Your point is well taken. Innovation appears to have moved rapidly under the current system of unchecked cost growth. That system works just fine for those of us that can afford the current system cost…until we cannot…again the cost curve will eventually hits its apex. Do you force transparency now so that a reasonable conversation can be had, or continue on the current path of confusion and ‘facts’ lacking data.

Hi Charles. Before I spend a lot of time laying out the economic models of both and inherent flaws I have learned to ask 2 questions of those who want to dig in further. Why? Depending on someone’s answers - for some it wouldn’t matter what facts I provide. They’re brain washed. So first do you feel healthcare is a right or a privilege? Second do you believe that free whatever is financially sustainable and possible and does it encourage innovation?


Susie, great questions! Tough challenge to answer them in a binary form. Brain washed…careful…insinuates you have all the answers, and other’s opinions do not matter if they do not agree with your world view…dismissive…assumes closed minded with a way out (just throwing it out there)…closes the door to compromise that is the foundation of democratic process.

My personal belief…
Based upon US representational democratic constitutional theory we all a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness within the boundaries demarcated over time by the passage of laws and legal process. So, I like to think I have a right to live in a way that chose that does not impinge upon the rights of others, that results in my happiness. That also means I do not believe my life has less value than yours, but equal value…i.e. John Jay’s “A soul has a right to breath.”

When it comes to this concept and the idea of access to healthcare, my belief is we should all have access to care to preserve this life in our pursuit of happiness. That fact that you and I have a treatable disease outside of our control, should not take away that access limiting our life anymore that your kid getting cancer and you not have the means to pay for treatment should result in his/her death.

Does that mean Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos should get better healthcare than you or I…they already do in the current system, because they can. Should they? Life ain’t fair…but you shouldn’t die for it (again it is not a binary question even if we want to simplify it to make it easier to stake a position and call each other idiots on television or radio).

I have the privilege to work around many light manufacturing workers here in the Cincinnati area that make $15-25/hour. Several of them are T1 diabetics, more T2s. There is not a single T1 using a pump because they cannot afford the out-of-pocket cost. Most cannot afford the cost of glucose strips to check BG systematically. Now is it your/my fault that these poor bastards lot in life sucks in their ability to afford healthcare? Nope…But, they are contributing to economic growth in our country, and you and I will pay for their healthcare when complication tear their bodies down and they can no longer work. We pay one way or the other…so sustainable…we are doing it though indirect monetary flows. However, an alternative could be to go back to the good 'ol days, shove T1s (and the elderly) in the corner, out-of-sight and put our head in the sand…‘not my problem.’

Second question…ain’t nothing free. We all see and feel that each month when we get a paycheck and try to pay for all our supplies and watch our deductible go up each year and…and…and.

That’s the best answer I can give you. I personally could care less about binary views of the world…communist/capitalistic. The beauty of our governing system is we try to find a way to balance economic extremes (‘I got mine’) with social demands to allow us to continue our individual pursuit of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness…clean water…roads…air to breath…food on the table…a roof over head.

So you never answered the question of what data and from where, instead you tried to frame the discuss so you could win (yes, I am being judgmental because I find this tactic part of our problem).

I asked those questions because it’s relevant to whether or not someone will except true mathematical fax. In today’s world, people think they are allowed to have their own set of facts. Even folks in science, try to create their own set of P values. That is not how math or science works. You can say I was being dismissive however in response to what you wrote, I was being realistic. If you feel that healthcare is part of life liberty and happiness, I will never convince you otherwise. You enter into it with your own presets and determined viewpoint of how things must come to a conclusion. So, as I stated, before I wasted time sharing all of the data and writing the economic models, it would potential he be a waste of my time. Yes that is today’s culture. Just so you know, I don’t have a dog in this hunt. I am not Republican nor am I Democrat I am libertarian We are fiscally focused. It is not an area that either side likes to dig into because they are both abusive of the financial facts.

I would encourage you to look at financially oriented sites that discuss socialize medicine. You can try the nieces Institute or Tom Woods has a great site and things specifically looking at socialized medicine. It is not the solution that many think it is. I could point to the VA as an example of how it fails on many levels or Venezuela where the population is losing 20 to 30 pounds a year not due to diet and exercise but due to the lack of medical care and a socialiam.

I apologize for my talk to text


Thank you for your notes. I apologize for the late reply, I frankly am unsure how to reply. I enjoy open dialogue with fellow human beings as it gives us all a chance to learn and walk in each others shoes. Unfortunately, this is one of those moments that I am having great difficulty comprehending. I do not view my part in a dialogue to change someone’s mind, or impose judgement as to the success and/or value of the discussion as I have won. I have enough humility to accept an argument I disagree with out respect for another’s thought process.

You have judged me. You have stated you are the vessel of all fact and truth. You have shut the door to discussion, learning and growth. My only judgement is I choose not to live in a tribal environment surrounding myself with like minded thinkers, with my only hope that eventually others will someday become enlighten. Sounds like a cult.

I wish you well and hope that this is not representative of the state of our culture.

Ironic you accuse me of the exact things you are doing right now.
You are trying to argue based on emotion and relativism. I am using economics and facts. That divide can’t be crossed as emotions can’t pay the bills.
A government that can provide everything (which financially we can’t) can also take everything away.

Emotions are great but they don’t pay the bills. Just ask any vendor you owe money to if they’ll accept your right and feelings as a payment.

Best to you.

Turkey or ham at Christmas?

Ready? Go!

thanks @AJZimmerman for the laugh, and for the gentle reminder that this forum is for people dealing with diabetes, in any manner, and to help each other.

@Sqduarte and @mday, Disagreements are OK but we have to stop short of personally directed challenges.

We are all entitled to our opinions.

Thank you for keeping this forum safe and open for us to help each other.

said the introducer needle to the buttocks: :You get my point… right"?


Well said…agree totally. Thank you for the level set and good laugh.

I prefer Turkey. Smothered in gravy and surrounded by red carbs, and green carbs, and fluffy carbs, and crunchy carbs. Then I top it off a second helping while i set up my intravenous insulin drip.

But back on the original topic. I did a little research and found transcripts from the Dexcom annual meeting where they stated all this was going to be taking place due to growth and for cost-saving measures.
I kind of figured that, to begin with.

Before anyone considers the Dexcom unit, please know that Dexcom customer support is absolutely appalling. They have offshore customer support to a 3rd party in Manilla, and not only do they not have the appropriate tools to do their job, they are also forced to stick to a script, and do not deviate from that script under any circumstances.

After 5 attempts to change my mailing address, they still haven’t gotten it fixed. Furthermore, even if you specify that the delivery company must get a signature, the delivery company will still drop it off on your stoop, even if you live in a the midst of a city like I do, and I have had issues with recovering the deliveries.

As long as you have no issues, or have your sensors delivered to a home with someone there to receive it, then you are probably fine. If you have issues, or need assistance with the delivery, then good luck to you.