Dexcom G6 Sensor & Sensor pod size/dimensions

Hi guys,

I was hoping to ask for some help from current users of the Dexcom G6 about the size/dimensions of the sensor and the sensor pod (length and width)?

I need to know the size of the sensor & sensor pod (so basically just the sensor pod, assuming there is no over-hang from the sensor).

I’d be interested to know the size of the adhevsive plaster too although that’s not as important :slight_smile:

I have the G4 and the sensor/sensor pod measures about 2.3cm X 3.8cm at longest/widest points. I was wondering if someone who has the G6 could look at the size of that for me?

It would be a big help!

Thanks :sunglasses:

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Hi John @HalliJee, your best and most accurate source for all the measurements you request is directly from DexCom and is prominently posted, both standard and metric measurements, on its website.
Essentially , the only difference is in the depth, which I have difficulty measuring and comparing at this time.