Dexcom G6 discount card

Is anyone aware of a discount card for the G6? The out of pocket is killing us yet the device is working great. Thanks!

Costco has a discount but ONLY on transmitters and receivers.
You MUST be a Costco member to receive the discount (do not let anyone tell you otherwise… it is a COSTCO MEMBERS ONLY DEAL).
Receivers: $36
Transmitters: $27
Sensors: $277-318 per box of 3
This is Dexcom G6 ONLY. They DO NOT have them on stock but will order them and you can receive them within 24-48 hours of ordering. You WILL need to sign up for the Costco pharmacy prescription programme. Dexcom gives Costco a deal and Costco then in turn gives the deal to the customer (hence you MUST be a member… if you are not a member you will pay retail cost).
You will also need a hard copy prescription.
You can ONLY pick up in 30 day supplies (1 box of sensors and 1 transmitter at a time)

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Hi are the sensors considered DME or prescriptions by insurance?


Well, it is all dependent on what your insurance says it is. Some insurance companies says it is Pharmacy some say DME.
The Costco cost route that I mentioned is for those WITHOUT insurance. If you want to use your insurance at Costco, you will pay what your insurance wants to charge you for your copay, and you might not be able to use Costco (they might not be a distributor under your DME/pharmacy benefits).
I know mine is DME, and I have to go through Dexcom. However, I HAVE gotten a hard copy Rx and got a G6 transmitter through Costco without insurance under this programme. And so I DO KNOW that it does work… Dexcom goofed and sent me G6 sensors instead of my G5 sensors and I needed a transmitter. So I have a G6 transmitter and 3 G6 sensors for when I need them.

I have BCBS and they are DME. I found Costco to be the best price on receiver and transmitter (better than insurance). As stated above, NOT the best for sensors. I found that “Pumps It” which is an online DME supplier, takes my insurance and is cheaper than retail pharmacies. They charge $99 for a 3 pack of sensors (1 mo supply).

Here is the link for a Dexcom discount:

This discount no longer applies to the transmitters. the cost at this time is about $140? (out of pocket, no insurance, with costco membership). The rep I spoke to stated that the discount was only until approx April of 2019.

I just called Costco. They said the cash price for the receiver was $400. Where are you getting the $36 pricing?

Dexcom and Costco caught onto what we were doing and stopped this almost a year ago. If you see how long ago I posted my reply you will see that it was about 7months ago… I am sorry that you thought that they were doing this now.
Once Dexcom caught onto what we were doing they cut the programme off and started selling it through Costco at full retail price… which really bites. I am sorry, that you thought that they were still doing it… But they only did it for about 5 months when Costco started to carry Dexcom supplies for really cheap for their receivers and transmitters (was able to pick up 1 each per month for the transmitters dirt cheap)

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