Dental work for a child?

My 8 year old T1D son has a dentist appointment and needs to get two fillings.
What precautions should I take?
Is there anything I need to know before his visit or to share with the dentist?

Hi @Disney243,

Two things come to mind:
First, Be very clear in telling the dentist that your child has Type One Diabetes; and mention all medications s/he is taking.
Second, if your child is wearing a pump or CGM make certain that these devices are shielded during any X-Ray.

In preparation, and this depends on eating, arrange the appointment time so that her/his eating schedule will not be compromised. When making appointments I always make it clear that ā€œIā€ come first, that my welfare is top priority; all doctors, and their appointment people, appreciate this.


Thank you for this advice! I appreciate it.