Decom and basketball

I play basketball and I was wondering if the dexcom got hit or bumped will it get hurt or start bleeding

My daughter has played basketball for years now. The Dexcom has not gotten hit but she did go down once and landed on it. No bleeding but the area was sore. The biggest problem we have with dexcom and basketball is it sticking. She gets pretty sweaty and it likes to peel up and she’s allergic to the added adhesive. However, she will always have Dexcom on while playing because of her her extreme highs due to the adrenaline. This past summer we actually attended a basketball camp for diabetes in Memphis, Tennessee just so we could try to figure out how to manage her numbers and basketball. Unlike most things basketball does not lower her blood sugar. Good luck with your season.


My fourteen year old son has the same problem with high blood sugar and sports (both Lacrosse and basketball) I’m wondering if it’s an age/hormone thing because I didn’t notice this as much when he was younger? I even correct him, give him a little insulin prior and he still gets high lately. Guess I need to speak with his dr.

Also can you guys tell me why you like the Decom? We’ve had the Medtronic for years, and I’m wondering if we should look into other options.
Erin P.

I play basketball, baseball and exercise regularly being a former professional athlete. I find my dexcom sometimes comes off with my sweat but I have stuck it on with several adhesives and tape and other surgical tapes and it works great. The CGM has truly changed my life for the better.

Just got the Dexcom and think that it’s amazing. During basketball we use the sticky tac wipes and then wrap it with the Vetrap tape and have had no problems thanks!

Depends where you use it. I place it on my triceps and when I play basketball it usually is okay but sometimes you’re going to pump shoulders and it hurts sometimes. I’ve only ever had it ripped off once in a basketball game.