Day camps

How do I find a day camp for my 9 year old cousin? His endocrinologist mentioned a day camp but the camp won't take him because he is a severe asthmatic and the asthmatic camp won't take him because he is a diabetic. I would love for him to go to a day camp that family won't have to be by his side at all times so he can be free to be a kid and we won't have to worry about him. He recently went with to a weekend church ran camp for boys for 3 days with his grandpa and he is now begging to do day camps like the other kids he knows.

Don't know where you live, but I googled diabetes and asthma summer camps and there were several that popped up around the US.  They are overnight camps, but 9 is plenty old for that.

If staying local is better for financial reasons.  You might want to have his parents check with the endocrinologist again and ask if the day camp has a medical team on staff... most camps specifically for kids with diabetes do.  Then maybe they could speak with the camp director and see if an exception could be made.  

Where we live the only camps offered to diabetics are local and done by the hospitals but the staff say they specialize in either diabetes or asthma but can't treat both. His endocrinologist suggested we get him in day sports camps close to his grandparents since camps won't take him. We signed him up for a sports day camp today but it only last 4 days in July so we are just going to keep him entertained with family activities.