Questions from a Type 1 Diabetic:

I just starting rowing this year and am absolutely loving it to the point where if I can get good enough I might want to row in college. Its unlike any other sport I ever played and now that I've fallen in love with it, I don't think I can handle if my parents, doctors  don't want me to row because I am in a boat with out immediate access to all of my supplies.


So is there anyone out there that can give me some pointers whether it be in general when participating in sports of high physical and mental demand or in specific with how to work with my diabetes while rowing?

you will get a good idea how your blood sugar drops (or goes up) during practice.  all I can say is if you have a CDE, check in with them.  if you handle all your own medicine -  if you pump, turn down basal, if you use long acting, use half (or less) and check your BS often at first, the rest comes with experience.

are you saying your parents don't want you in sports. or is it more like: IF they don't want you in sports?  I can't see why anyone would not want you to ba active.  rowing isn't like diving or any sport where you can't get to carbs easily, heck you're on a boat, packing carbs should be easy.

have fun, and good luck.

Go for it. Charlie Kimball races Indy cars and he has type 1. He likes to get his glucose to about 200 before a race and it drops to normal during the race. He has access to OJ but has never had to drink it during the race. I think rowing will be a great sport. I wish I could try it.

I rowed all 4 years in high school - it's the best sport ever! But verrry demanding! I feel like Joe and Terry gave great advice!

From a former rower's perspective, I'd get a waist fanny pack and keep glucose tablets or an extra meter in it. I can't see it interfering when you're carrying the boat, loading, or rowing. As goofy as fanny packs sound, I think that would be the most convenient way to keep emergency supplies on you if you don't have a pump. Unisuits don't exactly come equipped with giant pockets… lol.

Best of luck! Keep rowing! :)