Contour Next Link BG Download

I’m in the process of getting a new pump (I have had the 530G for four years). My insurance always wants 60 days of BG readings and I have no idea how to get them printed off or in a file form. This is the Contour Next Link USB meter that came with the pump. I have tried numerous times to install Gluckofacts software, but I never can get it to work.

I am going to a provider who has the program on their computer tomorrow, but I would REALLY like to know how to do it without going to the Endocrinologist.

I should also say that I am NOT using the CGM (Enlite), but am using a Dexcom G5. I can upload all my data to Tidepool, but I can’t get a copy of the data.

Has anyone ever got Gluckofacts to work and what voodoo ceremony was involved?

I had trouble with that program, but finally got it to work by playing around with changing the order of launching the program and connecting the meter to the computer. Try it a couple of different ways, it should finally work. Now I’m using One Touch Reveal (had to switch meters because if insurance). That software also had a couple of tricky bits to mate meter to phone and to install software on the laptop. So, I think they can all be glitchy to get going

Hi Tim @timbeak50, getting that information is very simple if you have setup a Medtronic Carelink account.
Just last night I printed “Three Month” graphs, charts for my endo this morning - I didn’t print off the additional pages of actual BG readings.

I’ve been using the Medtronic cloud storage for many years and when Medicare got a little testy with me I downloaded six months of data from four years ago and sent it to them. The warranty on my present pump expires next week and I suppose the beauracrasy will demand proof AGAIN that I have diabetes.