Co-Pay cards

With my sons script we were given a Novolog co-pay card. I called to set it up and they said he is not eligible for it as he is under 18yo. Why do they do this crap? I have thought about fudging his age… I just dont know.

Deeply frustrated with insurance and T1.

Hi Chris @sdkid,
who said he isn’t eligible; Novo Nordisk?, the pharmacy?, the Insurance Company? It certainly sounds strange especially because it is doctor prescribed

Novo Nordisk told me. Maybe I should call back and try again? She said novolog was not approved for children under age 18.

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I would definitely call back. I set up the copay assistance (Novocare) for my 13yo. Has worked great and been a big help. I wasn’t able to do it online and had to actually call, but they emailed the info and I gave it to the pharmacy that day.

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