Clearing the air on "Cured"

There appears to be a misunderstanding, on my post "Cured" To set things straight, This is "My Diabetic Story" I will make it my last post IF you people want it!!! To BE!!!!!!


 I am laying on my parents couch, because of drugs I had lost another, good job (50,000+)  !!!!!! 52 years old and nothing!!! So I asked for just a little help. Take for what you want I remember it So Clear. "Lord I know I never asked for anything from you, but I ask you now because I am not strong enough by  myself, Please, Don't let go that way again!!!, any help a all" Well to me it seemed to be answered by that  little saying careful what you asked for!!!!!!

 Almost aug./2008:

  I woke up and rubbed my eyes and again. Wow, that's strange  I can't see a thing the world is just so damn fuzzy. Can't let that stop me have job interview!!!! Parents are giving my a ride. It's kind a trip at least a few hours there and back. An hour in I am having to pee sooooo bad!!! And I had just went before we left. Oh, I don't even have time to ask them to stop, bottle time (throw away at 1st stop!!!). I must be coming down with something feels like the flu!!!! Over the next couple of days thing got worse!!!!! Soooo Tried!!!!!! I just knew if I didn't have to get EVERY hour and pee I could get rested. LOL kind of funny now!!!! to me.


  So sick nothing tastes right, I can't taste sweet now. Soda has no sweet!!! Again I prayed "Lord, I feel so bad HELP"  A few hours later after finally finding something that tasted sweet some juice place, back home outside smoking. I swear now what I am about to say is what I remember!!! Smoking I asked "one word" Lord??" Then as clear as, I don't know just very clear!!! One thought pops into my head "Check your blood sugar" Now I promise on my very soul!!! I knew hardly anything about Diabetes of any type!!!!!!! I knew about blood sugar because my Mom was Type 2. 4 foot 10 and over 350!!!!! Do I hear stereotype???? LOL

 So I go inside and tell her what had just happened!!! Well here use mine!! Of course I had used it before Who doesn't want you to check their BS with fancy meter!!! LOL

Well, that was my 1st step. That stupid meter didn't give me a number, NOOOOOOOOOOOO all it kept blinking was "! HI, ! H,etc" up to this point all I knew was over 150 isn't good!!!! LOL This can't be good!! Well Mom looks like I need a ride to the Veterans Hospital!!!!

 Entering, I look around the place is packed!!! Oh, man this is going to be awhile!!! Tell the admitting tech, can't see, peeing (you know!), used bs meter and got" ! HI" It seemed in just a few minutes they where calling my name!!! Wow that's fast!!!!! not even 10 minutes and the place is busy!!! See not one clue about what was going to happen to me!!!! Not a clue!!!!! In the back same story, tell tech. Well here let me check you with my meter. And guess what he's meter did the same thing my mom's did!!!! "! HI" With a Ohhhh, the tech goes I'll be right back!!! Wow what service!!! There really taking care of me!!!! (LOL Seems so funny, NOW!!) He returns with 2 IV's, Fluids running in me now!!! He stands up and says sir someone will here in just a second to take you upstairs. OK, now that's fast!!! excuse me, I asked where I am I going my Uncle is in the waiting room! Again, something that I remember very clear!!! You, sir are going to ICU, you're a very sick man!!!!! WTF!!!!!

 Excuse me I have to clear some tears!!!  OK better!!!

 Yes this story coming from my heart as I remember things, Tears will come clear later !!!

Now I am in ICU!!! tubes, wires just all kinds of things beeping. Laying there just waiting!!! Scared oh yea!!!! A nurse comes in with a needle she fills it with some kind of clear fluid. What's that I asked? Insulin is what she said!!!! The Dr.'s will be here in a minute!!! INSULIN isn't that the stuff those people who get parts cut off use!!!! Like I said NOT A CLUE!!!!!!!!!!! The screen get pulled back and Dr. says The endocrinologist has diagnosed you "type 1 diabetic" They use to call juvenile diabetes!!! Being the the ever quick one my replay was "must be the kid inside, can you take him out?" LOL yes I love laughing!!!

 Does anyone think I am making this up??????

I am told about that special choice that only type 1's have to make everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, tear fog!!!!! Do I sound fake!!!! This is my story!!!!!!

Yes that choice "Insulin or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry fog coming in

OK, OK on with my story!!!

So the nurse comes in with my 2nd shot of life giving insulin!!!! By the way I love insulin it's MY HERO!!!!! My life!!!!!!! I tell the nurse I now know this is going to be of my life from now on!!!! and my I give it to myself!!! she said sure she drew it for me And I did it!!!! That mean's  in my diabetes treatment I have had only one insulin shot, by someone other than me!!!!!!!

12 hours later they wheel me out of ICU. Insulin did me good!!!!! Next comes a flood of info. Learning about food in a whole new way, long insulin. short insulin and bunches of (Sorry if if this upsets anyone, my story) type 2 crud that helped for poo!!!!!

 OK, stats at dx. BS 672, A1c 13.2, DKA and 52 years old!!!!!!!!

 I am sure there are few here that learned of Type 1 in a like story!!!???

 After hospital:

 This is the part I feel Type 1's also have like stories!!

 REALLY learning how to treat my diabetes!!!!! I struggled with control. One thing I know I got lucky on was my base they did good on that with me!!! 30 units Lantus every morning. Real breakfast!!! LOL It was always that from the start.

 The eating and short was hell!!!!! My BS was all over the place 350 - 70 in hour etc....

 Then came  websites WOW people like me!!!!! Sorrry tear fog!!!!!

OK That's where I learned to control my diabetes!!! 2 places I am so thankful I found!!!!!! Here and tudiabetes!!!!!! I learned my a1c were almost normal!   I was able to help others that feels really good!

After a year a got a tattoo, My first It's My Med Alert and avatar. I am a proud Diabetic!!!!! I wear it so all can see!!!!!

but even only I could get bite that!!!! ROFLMAO


After about 2 years living Club 1 Last a1c's 5.8. Normal range yea me!!! And again I say I couldn't have done without those people here and tudiabetes!!!!!! Sorry fog

Now comes the final part?????

 2 years +, Out of nowhere, Lows And I know we all know just how much special lows are LOL Wow i done what I've now for awhile where are these lows coming from????????? eating a lot of tabs I am I kind of like them! lol But way too many!!!!!!  I got to figure this out!!!!!!

I know base check!!! OK well I failed I don't know what to call it!!!! On that day I did my 30 units of Lantus!!! Which I have done for over 2 years mind you. Failed??? All I know I had the eat like crazy all day?!?! and  no short insulin. My bs where normal or low all day. Why I don't know!!!!! 

 At my next Dr. appt. I asked for a c-pep test!!!! Oh, also happening at this time my short insulin needs were only once in awhile correction (200+)

and pig outs!!! LOL a shake I only needed like 2-3 units short (Novolog)  And bs was normal an hour after eating!!!! Again why I don't know! it's my story!!!!

Well my c-pep came back normal!!!!!!!!! Talk about knock over with a feather!!!!!!!

Wait, I  am a type 1!!!!!!! 

Well that's the Endo's want to see you!!!!

This will be the first I have met an Endo!!!!!!!! since iwas dx'ed!!!!!

This is not fiction it's my Life!!!!!!!!!! Sorry fog

OK , Endo's  2nd visit!!!!


 Explain my problems with my diabetes. I am now even getting low without eating (70's) only use Novolog as needed ie: corrections or pig out!!! LOL

 OK ,  So Dr. I am brittle or what?????

Mr. Johnson you aren't even diabetic!?!? I swore to everyone here God given truth!!!!!  I diabetic dx'ed means have to treat yourself everyday!!!!! that is the reason I said "Cured" he told me barely pre-diabetic!!!! I fooled they I swore he said it!!!!! Who needs the make up a story  like this!!!!! Who??? This IS MY story!!!!!!!!

So in joy I go to the people who have helped me soo much with what I thought would be good news!!!!

This was not very fun to say the least!!! LOL

NOW 12/31/2011

For three days now I have been in severe pain!!!! My Guts hurts so bad I go to the VA hospital!!!!!!

It seems my inside not so good.I am almost 56!

I had a blockage!!!They had to open me, remove appox. 12 inches of my bowels!

Almost out of hospital!!!! a week after!! First solid food in 2 weeks!!!!

Not good lot's of pain, X-ray!! Fluid!!! Back to open me up!!!!

Wake up they are taking me 2 ICU!!!!

Seems that I had a leak!!! and they remove a 1 liter blood clot!!!!!

I am here!!!! now 01/19/2012 appox. 8:30 pst writing MY Diabetic Story!!!!!!

I am a almost 56 year old man I think I should go rest now.

After all I only went for 3 weeks without food, opened twice, lost over 20 pounds Now under 150

I can tell this I wouldn't be here if MY Diabetes wasn't in control and while in the hospital I swore I had My Insulin!!!!!! with me!!!!!! Only had to use it three times!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is My Story believe it or not!!!!!!!!!!

Most important!!!!!

Luv U "C"

Can't sleep!!! Kind of hurting!!! Just wanted to say Thanks to everyone here and tudiabetes. What I am hoping, is the people read what maybe My Final Post!?!? Please tell me if you still want me here and tudiabetes!!!!

OMG this is so funny!!!! I am sitting here changing my dressing. Keeping nice and dry, I now have a scar going from bottom of my breast bone, down and around my belly button just under it's bottom, a hook. LOL But what is funny I am using  this crazy tape called 3M Micropore, I mean this stuff really sticks to you!!! LOL But I think it let's air through, neat stuff. I am such a geek! LOL Sooo I realized while putting on a new gauze cover that I am using this tape like I use Gorilla Tape!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!! Human Gorilla Tape!!! I don't know it made laugh really good!

I love all your !!!! in your story :o) I'd be happy to have you stay here with us. I hope you do.

Keep writing Kieth. 221. Good luck with your recovery as well!! :-)


Keith we love you and want you to stay!

I am staying!! This place is too nice to leave!! LOL While the Dr.'s say I am no longer diabetic, I haven't changed the way I take care whatever it is I've got. I test 5 times a day, I see 200+ sometimes but, it goes down to normal without insulin; I eat carefully watching my carbs and if I need a correction or want to eat a pig out I still use insulin. It's the only way I know how to treat.