Classic mistake, right?

Last night at 9:30, Aaron gave himself a 15 unit Humalog injection rather than a 15 unit Lantus injection.  We called the pediatric endo. on call just to make sure what all to do, but basically (and Aaron was NOT hungry) he ate half a pizza, some milk, some orange juice, and skittles until he reached 150 grams of carbs.  Ugh.  I thought he was going to vomit (in which case the doctor said we could always use the Glucagon).  We had to drop his Lantus by 5 units and delay it by three hours.  But otherwise he had really good numbers through the night.

His father has been trying to train him from day one to ALWAYS read the name of the medication out loud, which Aaron has kind of laughed at.

Yawn.  Sleepy this morning.