Charging freestyle libre reader

Can I charge the battery of the freestyle libre reader with my laptop? or should I plug it into the wall? new to this, thanks

Hi @Jemma Jane. It looks like a USB-C charger system but I can’t find the specs from Abbott.

What does it say in the instructions?

Hi @Jemma. I don’t know that your laptop will charge your receiver unless the laptop is plugged in although it should download your data if you use the software.
I’ve charged my pump and receiver using the plug in my car as well as a portable charging “brick.” They work just as well as wall current.

Hi Joe, I think it needs plugging into the wall, thank you for replying

hi Dorie, thanks very much.

When we used the reader, we plugged it into the wall. Now, we use the app for the iPhone; this has made it much easier than using the reader.


thanks for the reply Pamela