Cgm question

Stepdaughter has cgm, didn’t use for 1 yr then Dr told her to use because she is a yoyo on levels…300 plus down to 60 every other day. Shes been T1D 2 yrs almost and lives with mom but we use deacon site to view numbers. Question after never being a straight number over a few hrs suddenly last night she has been at 130 to 135… Is that bc someone else wearing or off? Tried to ask her and the mother but no answers. Whats your thoughts…hands tied to chk

It may possibly be that she has leveled off - maybe someone has been listening to you and has begun to monitor, count carbs, bolus properly and set accurate and fitting basal rates.

Your step daughter may have learned to use the data collected by her device and work with it; could also be that your step daughter is maturing in her ways. Certainly congratulate her.

I did but heard she was at friends house spending night… So as thinking funny it sky rocket next day by noon when she back with mom 275…back to a yoyo, so I not thinking best. Is there any material out there that a talks to the numbers changing so much so often and what it can do to her. I would love to read and present to her mother and her maybe listen if not me saying.