CGM not working from pregnancy

Anyone have cgm issues while pregnant? Two of my last three cgm sensors have failed and all three had some moments with really inaccurate readings. It’s a fairly new receiver and transmitter. I’ve used a cgm for years with no issues. Nothing has changed except being pregnant.


I never experienced this. That is interesting though. Which CGM are you on?

G4 platinum

I’ve had a few “bad sensors” (I’m currently 25 weeks), but not consistently so I haven’t blamed it on the pregnancy. I just figured it was a bad insertion, location, etc.

When I was about 6 weeks pregnant I had several sensors fail. After calling the support line several times, I found out that it was because I was trying to calibrate the cgm while I was too low (routinely hanging out around 60 since that was my new target for the pregnancy). One time it was a bad insertion that happened to occur close to the other errors, so it was partly coincidence. Four sensors went down but then everything worked out and I haven’t had problems since. I hope it works out for you!

For me, I get the ??? sign after about 8 days and the inaccurate readings after about 5 or 6 days… but I used to wear the sensors for two weeks (not recommended by Dexcom who says to wear for only 7 days). For me, I worked it so that the needle insert was not going into the most stretched part of my belly. Pointing the insert along the outside of my belly has helped my sensors to be more consistent in reading my actual numbers and finding me. Baby kicking along the part where the insertion is has made the ??? come back for an hour or two sometimes though.

I had sensor problems for the second and third month of pregnancy but am 35 weeks now and they’ve been working pretty well since then. Good luck!

Thanks! I actually started wearing it in my arm a few weeks ago and while I sometimes have an inaccurate reading, no more failed sensors. Dexcom tech support told me many pregnant women have better luck in other spots and although it’s only approved for abdomen use, they will still replace it if a sensor fails.