Can we switch Drs in same practice? Is it frowned upon?

Hi, my son, 12 diagnosed 3 years ago, goes to a well known Endo practice in Orlando. We have never felt comfortable with his current Dr. And my son recently went to an Endo appointment with another Type 1 freind who sees another Dr in the practice. He came home so excited to tell me how much he liked the other Dr., and we have seen the other Dr. on an occasion his Dr was not available, and I felt more at ease during that appointment as did my son. Is it OK or frowned upon to ask to switch Drs in the same practice? Will they even do it? I recently had a disagreement with his Dr where I left the room crying, and I don’t want that to look like the reason I want to switch, because it really is not. I was just stressed out and got more emotional than i wanted to. Anyway, has anyone ever donr this or have any advice? I really want my son and us as parents to feel comfortable with his Endo.

@adellagrey hi Adela, do whatever is necessary. This is not a popularity contest and being nice is not a requirement. Make the next appointment with whatever doctor you want and you do not have to apologize or submit a reason. You are the boss the doctor works for you and it is 100% your call. Good luck.

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Ok, thanks so much. I just didn’t know if the Drs. Office would tell me no. I guess just one way to find out.

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Adella @adellagrey,

It just depends on the “politics” in that office.

Give it a try. The worst they can do is tell you , “No.” But I doubt they will.


Hi Adella @adellagrey, as @BillHavins suggests, just ask and see what happens. If it is a “good practice”, the doctors will work to get you the best fit in a doctor for your needs and personality. It could be also, that your current doctor might be thinking that you would do better with Dr. X.
For 34 years I got ALL my medical care and needs at one clinic - but during that period I switched doctors a couple of times; a couple of the changes I made were at the suggestion of my doctor thinking it was in my best interest to see someone else.

It would never be inappropriate for you to ask the “new” physician how she (or he) feels about making that switch.


Hi there!

I have been in the situation where I’ve switched doctors within in the same practice. I’ve read the comments about office politics, and I do believe that they do in fact exist. However, politics aside, your son’s health and happiness is superior to “hurt feelings” or judgement from office staff. If the staff is truly concerned for your son’s well-being they will be open to discuss the possibility. I am sure it will be necessary for them to ask a few questions to ensure that you were not mistreated by his original doctor. I was asked these questions and I simply said, no, not at all. But for me, I was looking for a different, fresh perspective and wanted to take a different, interactive approach to my diabetes care.

The transfer was made quickly and I to this day share Physician Assistants with my two providers (first, and second). There is, and should never be any drama.

Listen to your gut, and respect what your son feels is best for his diabetes. This could affect his level of ownership of his disease which of course you know will pay off in the long run!

Good luck!

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