Call for questions

I have been given the chance to interview one of the directors of the Canadian Diabetes Association and wondered if any of you guys had any questions you would like asked.

It's a good chance to get some answers right from the source so make them good :o)


I might ask the following:

1.     What are the minimum requisites you will need to see met before you endorse continuous glucose monitoring as a standard part of care for Type 1 diabetics?

2.     Since Type 1 diabetes is (currently) a life long chronic illness requiring continuous management and considering that the technology changes and updates so quickly in the medical field: what efforts are being put in place to ensure that the diagnosed population is given access to the latest treatment options and technologies and information on their use?

3.     Where do you rate the importance of Type 1 diabetes management, chronic disease management in general, education?  Do you feel the budgets adequately reflect their importance?  What would you like to see changed and in what way?

4.     What do you think that the diabetic population is doing well in securing their wellness and care?  What are the things that you think they can do more effectively?  Does your organization allow them an avenue to assist in those improvements?  If so, in what ways?

5.     Do you accept funding from specific product vendors?  If so, do you think the origin of your funding sometimes directs your organizations focus or opinions?  If not, how are these conflicts mitigated?

6.     What are your goals for 2009?  What can the average person at home do to help attain them?

Though there is a reason people don't usually ask for my (often contentious) opinion...