Boils - ugh!

I never thought I had any complications from diabetes.  I keep my H1AC's usually well below the 7's.  Recently I read that one of the only outward signs of T1 is boils.  When I read that I remembered a few boils I've had in the past.  Unfortunately, there is one that seems to appear in the same spot on my face once or twice a year.  It's so big and horrible looking I don't feel like leaving the house. Well it's back again and I'm sitting in my house hating that I'm going to look like a monster for a least a week, possibly more.

I know, I should see the doctor but it takes at least 3 weeks and sometimes months to get a doctor's appointment with my HMO (Kaiser Permenente).

Anyone have any suggestions?


Tell Kaiser that you cannot work and your D is being affected by the boil. 

Give them some reality about the impact and don't hold back. Use the web access to keep hitting them. 

If you cannot get an appt. go to the minor injury clinic. 

Those are a few tricks I've had success with in addition to telling them how much more it will cost the plan to not take care of it ASAP.

Dont laugh or knock it until you try it. Tape a slice of tomato over it over night. The acids in the tomato draw out the gunk in the boil. Make sure the one side of the tomato has the skin on it and that you slice it big enough to cover the boil. The other side should have some of the flesh of the tomato not the seedy juicy part.