Boarding school

Hi All!
Wondering if anyone has experience with T1D in boarding school. What is the level of supervision? What was your experience?
Thanks in advance!

hi @mlg, It would be helpful if you could tell us an age and how long T1?

If the person can self manage, then little or no “supervision” may be necessary. If the person cannot manage testing, making decisions, giving their own shots or pushing pump buttons, then I would imagine a very high level of accommodations will need to be made.

Hi @joe
He is 17 and was diagnosed 9 years ago. I think most boarding schools are high school. I was just wondering what kind of access to the nurse in case of emergency and what other issues there might be and what others’ experiences were.

I don’t have experience with boarding school but I was in college. We had access to a university nurse (it was a lot like an urgent care facility) and to the ER in an emergency. By the time I got there I was old enough and had t1 long enough (6 years) to require no special help or supervision Most schools put their features online or in written material so maybe if there is a school he’s interested in you can ask them for their info

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