Bikers in ohio

I wanted to start biking and I was wondering if anyone has tips or is nearby who wants to bike. I am 20 years old and in northwestern Ohio

@DiabeticTurtle hi Brent,

Jersey here so no help with locations…

I like to bicycle however I like mountain and trail ride because I am too scared of 3000 lb SUV’s and distracted drivers.

I guess I’ll point to the obvious - blood sugar control is something you have to watch. I always have a gatorade in my pack and another on my frame.

I pump, so it’s very easy to turn down basal rates about an hour before a ride. I use a percent turndown and I typically go to 10 or 20% of normal.

If I have insulin on board (ride within 4 hours of a meal bolus) my bs drops very fast. if I do eat and know I’ll be riding, I only bolus for less than half of the carbs and then test more when riding. On endurance rides, I stop about every 30-45 minutes to test. Slow carbs seem better for longer rides - you can mix fat and protein with carbs so they don’t spike fast and disappear, but provide a little longer burn during your ride.

good luck!

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Hey Brent,

I’m about 16 years your senior, but I’ve been thinking the same. I live in Sylvania and work downtown Toledo. I’m not sure if you’re thinking of road biking or something else, but I have a hybrid road-mountain bike I bought several years ago when I thought I was moving to D.C. Message me if you’re still interested.