Best advice you endo gave you

I just wondered ,is there one piece of advice that helped you most ?

I would have to say that the best thing my last endo did for me was to recomod(sorry about the spelling) that I get onto a insulin pump.



im not sure about the best thing

there was a worst thing though: you should wait until youre used to the pump before going on the cgm, its a lot of information to take in.

ha! did they tell me take this much insulin, test your blood sugar at these times and here is how to count carbs and next time you come in we will teach you about ketoacidosis when i was diagnosed? NO! i think i can absorb all that info just fine on the same day!

Thanks CJ,and Courteney what a goog idea ! I should have said -BEST AND WORST ADVICE YOUR ENDO EVER GAVE YOU .thanks Courtney !!

"get a pump"

"If your levels are high, dont get depressed. That would raise your sugar even higher. And if you are depressed, nothing can work"

"numbers are just numbers."