Aviva Accu-Chek Meter PROBLEMS!

Since Sunday, when I cycled 62 miles in the heat with my meter in my back jersey pocket, my meter gives me an E-1 reading with the first strip, then a correct reading with the second.  I've been doing this for 2 days now and it's getting wasteful.  Should I call the company or just buy a new meter?

Call their customer service is 24/7. I think e-1 is low battery, not sure, if it is the meter they will send one and some skins if you ask for them. Yes. I use Accu-Chek Aviva 

All meters, no matter what brand, have a temp range limit. If the meter is out of range, hi or low, the meter will give an error. Unfortunately they don't tell you why. I have used a damp handkerchief to lower the temp when on a ride in hot weather. You can put the meter in a plastic bag and use water in a cloth to cool it down also. I have even put it in my mouth to cool and heat it to get it to work.

I assume it worked fine when you finished your ride. Don't trust that any meter will work in all situations, you just have to learn how to out smart it and it doesn't hurt to yell at the engineer who thought that you would always use the meter in temp controlled places.

I looked it up and the manual says that E-1 is a test strip error and to reinsert the strip, then try another. If your meter and strips got hot, the meter cools off and starts working again ( I did this once) but the strips were no good cooked I guess. LOL

Thanks everyone! I did end up calling the 24/7 line and they said they would send out an envelope for me to send them the defective strips (though it's probably my fault), then they will send me a new box of strips for free!