At home A1C test

I was in Walmart the other day and I say an at home A1C test by ReliOn.  I was wondering if anyone has used this or a comparable test.  Is it accurate?  It was only $9 and my last A1C at the doc's was nearly $80. I'd like to save the money, if the at home one is reliable.


I have no idea if they work, but to try it, you'd have to be with your doctor to compare numbers. But if it does work, then you will save a ton of money.


Personally, as a teen, I wouldn't like this kinda thing, because I get enough stuff at home to worry about, I don't need to worry about another test and even more numbers.

I would suspect that even if it is accurate, the doctor want you to take one at his/her office.  They'll say they need to do it for consistency or beause they have a more accurate machine or something.  They got their own A1c machine to pay for and they need the profit.  It's still a business. But let us know how that works out.

yeah I am going to email my educator. Her and my endo are very understanding about the cost of things so I dont think that would be the reason they would tell me not to do it. When I hear back I will tell you guys.

Thanks, Laura

Check out the website

The pdf instructions state you mail the sample in to a lab and that results average at 98% of standard lab tests or above.  The envelope is prepaid but I couldn't tell if you pay an additional fee for processing.  The biggest issue with this test would be how accurately you can obtain your own sample.

I don't get it?  If this is an at home test why do you still have to send it to a lab? I want the results at home! I wonder if its accurate if anyone uses it please let us know how it goes!

This may be something I end up asking my doctor about. I mean, I'm 15 so I doubt I'll get to take my own A1c and call it good - but its at least a helpful tool to know if you're on track between appointments.

What I read on the box said that you prick your finger like you normally would and then put it on the strip (It requires two samples i believe) and you mail it in to their lab.  You get the results in a week via email. I just googled it and it came up with a blog about it and people were claiming that is was very accurate. I still have to email my doc though.


Hi LauraJ,I did see this at Walmart,bought it,called the phone # on the box.It has been a good while back,we tried it and got back results.I do remember them being a little off from the endo office. I went back through Pauls post to find what he showed.You may have seen it---APPROVED and available now-An A1c monitor for home use-- read that. I think whenever---our walmart gets these,I will get one.I would like to just see and compare it yo the endo office,

Since this was originally posted, has anyone tried it? Has it seemed accurate? I just switched endos (I'm trying the new one next week), so I haven't had an a1c for 4 months and was curious what mine was... Thanks!

Hi,Sarah,it has been a good while,but we did try this once.It seems like it was a little off from the A1c we did at the endo soon after.Have you tried AIc Now-by Bayer.I heard Walgreens has it and you can also order it from their web site.dLife has it on their home page if you want to look there.

Sarah.I just noticed I had posted on this same thing in July,hahahha.I knew I was tired-I should call it a night  :)