Artificial Sweeteners & Insulin Resistance

Hi, does anyone know anything about this? I’ve been doing some research on this and is it ok to give T1D kids aspartame/sucrose?? etc… I heard it affects insulin sensitivity levels making people insulin resistance and in turn making T1D people get double diabetes - + Type2 issues.


I’ve never heard of this. But you’ve peaked my interest

I personally have been using Equal and/or Splenda all my life (T1D for 29 years), plus whatever is added to diet pop or sugar free treats like Popsicles. If what you are saying is true, I should probably be dead right now.

I can say I haven’t really noticed any side effects. Currently, I usually start my day with a coffee that has 3 packets of Splenda in it. I usually drink at least one Diet Pepsi a day and have at least one light yogurt a day (that is typically sweetened with some sort of artificial sweetener to lessen the calorie count). Who knows how much of the stuff I really consume without noticing it. So, in my own experience, this stuff is safe. I’m curious to see if anyone else disagrees though.