Arm wrap to cover OmniPod suggestions?

I am looking for a solution to a minor issue I have had since I began using the OmniPod. The issue is I wear it on the back of my arm and tend to hit it on door frames when I am in a rush and have, on occasion, hit it hard enough to make the canula come out from under my skin. I am looking for a way to better secure it to my arm. I started thinking about maybe just getting an ace bandage with the velcro and cutting it down to size, but I am hoping someone here has come up with a better idea.

We use Coban to cover my son’s CGM when he wears it on his arm. I assume it would just as well for the Omnipod. You can buy it in any color/print on Amazon relatively inexpensively and we even reuse it a couple times. It also keeps what is underneath waterproof. Even though the pump and CGM are waterproof in themselves, we have found that this helps keep the dressing intact longer and keeps it from getting dirty.