Apple cider vinegar?

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I’ve heard a lot on how consuming apple cider vinegar can help minimize hyperglycemia in Type 2s…but there is not much research on how it effects Type 1s. I’ve read on one research study in which it reduced blood sugar spiking after meals by up to 20%. However, I’ve also heard it can be bad for Type 1s as some already experience slow digestion and the vinegar would only add to the problem. Anyone have any results or thoughts on this?

Hi Danielle @ddobczyk, you could also try rubbing snake oil on your right shoulder with your left toes - it may work just as well as the apple cider.
Yes, just kidding. Well fermented apple cider, like many other forms of alcohol, could possible compensate for other carbohydrates you may consume with a meal similar to the way a glass of wine with a meal works in some people.
During my 60+ years living with diabetes I’ve seen many similar claims that harmed more people than they helped, including schemes that if I ate “a certain” food for breakfast I could skip insulin for that day.
If you try the apple cider “remedy” monitor frequently and be prepared to take remedial action.

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