Anyone Using Tegaderm to Secure Pod Sites?

Hey, folks,

Someone recommended using Tagaderm to hold a Pod in place on a Very Active Kid who keeps loosing Pods (that's be my 9-year old son).  I checked with my friend who's an RN, and she says Tagaderm is fabulous for securing IV sites, and thinks it could work well.  Since our local pharmacy doesn't carry it, I'm looking on-line, but not sure which size is going to cover the Pod adequately, without being too large.  And, since these things are about $20-30 for a box of 10, I'd kind of like to get the right size.

Any input?  Feedback after using Tegaderm?  Any other ideas for securing Pods on an active kid?  We did use the IV prep, but it didn't make much of a difference.  We've gone through 20 pods in 39 days.  That's a lot of Pods, not to mention all the wasted insulin.  This could get expensive if we don't figure it out how to keep them on him.



P.S. If you're curious how a kid could loose so many Pods, check out his favorite summer activity here...


Well I used Tegaderm for my Omni Pod because my pods were giving me rashes, I noticed that If I sweat to much (because I am also active) the Tegaderm film would sweat right off and cause me to have to change my pod sooner. That could just be me so good luck :) I no longer use Tegaderm.