Any Type 1's around Owings Mills, MD?

I’m currently 28 yo, I was diagnosed 4 months ago.

It began when I started feeling super lethargic and my vision got blurry even with glasses on. My normal weight is 140lbs. I weighed in at 121 and my pants were falling off. After about 2-3 weeks I went to my primary care doctor and had blood work done. My A1C was 13% and my glucose at the time of test was 405. My primary care doctor said I had type 2 and gave me a diuretic pill to release more glucose into my urine.

I then had to wait another month to see a real endocrinologist (they’re busy guys around here I guess). During that time, I read as much as I could and found that Type 1 can be greatly controlled through diet. I threw out all my food and then bought only Ketogenic friendly foods.

When I finally visited my endo the next month, my glucose levels were normal. He put me on Tresiba only and left it to me to figure the correct daily dosage. I just had new blood work done and my A1C was 5.8.

For me, I’ve found type 1 to be an easy thing to control with diet and basal insulin only.

If anybody’s around, send me a message.

Yes ,I live in Belcamp md.I’ve had type 1 since I was 7,now 62.I love my pump!!It can be crappie, but I’m still doing good.Have all my toes and fingers.Being active is soo important

I’m glad you have all your digits.

I don’t eat bread or grain products so I require very little insulin. My doctor says I should have been on the pump long ago with the normal American diet, but all I require is one basal injection a day. I’m trying to never need a pump.