Annoyed, Offended Need to Vent

Last week the classroom aide that is the main caretaker of my 5 yr old son’s diabetes at his preschool accidentally poked herself with his insulin needle after administering the shot because the needle was bent when she put the cap back on.

One of the administrators form the preschool called and said “you don’t have to answer but maybe so she can sleep better does she need to get checked out or have anything to worry about?”

I understand them calling and saying that. i told her she had nothing to worry about, all he has is diabetes.

Today (one week later) the actual girl that it happened to called (which by the way its a mini heart attack every time i see the preschool phone # pop up until i answer to hear what they have to say) and told me she went ahead and went to the doctor to have blood tests…totally fine I understand. But then she goes on to say she has to go back in 6 months for a follow up blood test before they can rule everything out, and if i would just bring my son in and have them take his blood they could rule everything out right away. And she was trying to start a family and they are going to put it off until that next 6 month appointment.

I’m so annoyed and offended that she is trying to guilt me into taking my son in. I understand wanting to get checked out to be sure, but don’t tell me you are putting off starting a family. That is your choice. I have told you you have nothing to worry about, and my poor son has been through enough since diagnosis in April, I’m not taking him in to yet another doctor and have them poke and prod him. He is afraid to see blood. It took us a while to get him used to the finger pricks…he was afraid all his blood would come out, there is no way i’m having his blood drawn for what I know is no good reason.

Ok that is all I just needed to vent. Am i overreacting? Would anyone else feel the same as I do?

A warm embrace for you and a high-five for your son. In the last 3 - 4 months the two of you have been through much, and I’d feel offended if I was in your situation.

At the most, you should suggest that her doctor call your son’s doctor and give your son’s doctor permission [only] that s/he may disclose "that your son “does not have communicable disease”.

I can just imagine how you feel. I too would feel the same I am sure. Just remember she is just worried and may just need some more reassurance that she has nothing to worry about. Try not to take it personally as her behaviour/thoughts are about her not you.
Best wishes to you and your boy :slight_smile:

Not over reacting at all. Dennis gave good advice. Deep breath, don’t allow her to get to you.

Thank you for responses. It is helpful just to know others are reading :slight_smile:
I’ve cooled off a little bit and I know she is just worried, and i’m thankful for how great she’s been through the last few months. I think i will just explain to her why I’m not going to do it. He is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks and won’t be going there any longer any way.

Sorry to hear about this. Best wishes to you and your son. Just an FYI, she shouldn’t be capping the needles! You can find very large, inexpensive sharps containers that she (or anyone) can just drop the needle into.

I also agree, Dennis has it right and his input is wise and compassionate. That’s the best approach to take!!!

I would be thinking “not this too” with a child of such a young age. My son was also very young but the school he went to from pre-K through 8th grade did not allow us to have a surrogate or caregiver do anything for him. There was no school nurse for these years. Therefore, my husband or I, had to get to the school every day to test his BG and give him insulin or extra glucose if he was low. It almost sounds to me that this gal who is checking your son is receiving ever-increasing input from others (family, friends, perhaps the doc), and it’s going beyond “the beyond” so to speak. I will tell you one fact which may help a little…I work as a nurse and while at work if I accidentally prick myself with a used needle, or incur a splash which hits my face, etc., then I am required to be checked and so is the patient. That is, we both get lab work done. It’s very routine - just another process/procedure.

That said, your 5 year old being subjected to anything like this process is really hard. One other thing about these tests in these circumstances: The dialogue behind the scenes is much more likely to be about YOU as a risk because any child who is positive (for nearly anything) at age 5 is assumed to have acquired from the mother. This too is super hard to comprehend but it is with all of us all the time.

My son is now a young adult. He volunteered to donate blood and was told he could not because he had T1Diabetes. There is no literature or evidence to support him being denied on this basis but he was too discouraged to carry on.

We moms can only do our very best to encourage, support, and take each obstacle in stride. It is only when I am in THIS forum, or behind closed doors, that I dare to rant as I do not want my son to feel an extra burden. He’s already got enough.

yours truly,