Animas versus Tandem X2

I have been on the Animas Vibe for five years and the dexcom G5. I am interested in the Tandem X2 and wanted other people’s opinion on what it’s like to be on Tandem. (Note: I am already aware that Tandem has not integrated Dexcom G5 technology yet). If anyone has ever worn both Animas and Tandem which do you prefer and why.

Krystle, I would be interested as well. I currently use the Animas Ping and a G5 but am waiting to see if my health insurance will cover the new system Tandem X2.

I am on the Ping and have a G5 also. The brochure I just got at my Endos says “Now compatible with Dexcom G5 Mobile CGM”. The X2 has the Firmware that can be updated so for me, there are only 2 Questions, will Medicare approve my G5 communicating with the X2? And when will Fiasp be on the market because I am using Apidra which will not work with Tandem pumps. I will not go with M/MM, too many false claims and bad experiences so for me it is Tandem or Bigfoot or DANA.