Am I stupid to be this way?

Is it normal ot hate yourself and be scared if you’ve had T1 for 7years? I have and I’m not sure if I’m just really stupid or normal?

Hello Amanda, to answer your question, it’s actually very common for T1D to feel depressed or even hopeless wether they are newborn diabetics or have had it their entire lives. You are definitely NOT alone. I’m 21 and I’ve had T1D since I was 9 months old and even though I had no control in getting diabetes I used to hate myself and cry while asking the universe why I was “cursed with a broken body”. The depression was at its highest in high school because I was limited in sports, binging on junk food, and fitting in with my peers who didnt have much knowledge about T1D. You’re feelings are completely valid and understandable from a fellow diabetic’s point of view. If you ever want to talk, don’t hesitate to message me


Normal. Living with a chronic diseases can less complicated or more complicated for people. Personally, I have hated it more. I am thankful for each day and try to remember some people are having a more difficult time with it than me. Not feeling anything about having T1D would concern me.:heart:

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Thank you both! That really helped!

Hi Amanda
You are not stupid at all
The others are right that living with a chronic disease and a daily commitment to it can get you down at times
I’ve had diabetes for 47 years and I still have ups and downs (and make mistakes)
Just when you think you’ve got things right, something comes along to push you off track and you get frustrated and make mistakes
Hang in there
You can do it !!