After Colds

How long does it take for your levels to get back to normal after dealing with a week long cold. I ask because our son had a cold last week in which he had pretty high readings with ketones present, that was late last week and his levels are still high 20-25 + mmol? ketones present occasionally..just don't get it

Every illness is different.  Some infections can take a while to go away.  If he's taking medication for the cold, that can affect blood sugars too.

Just treat the highs and make sure he gets lots of water to flush keytones.  You may want to call his doctor for his/her advice if it seems to last too long.

I agree with jennagrant. Each person is different with their diabetes and how an illness can affect it. Many times, speaking from personal experience, I increase my insulin levels when I have a cold because my numbers do run a bit higher. I also tend to alter my diet as well because of the number readings. Depending on the medications being taken, if any, like jennagrant said, these can affect the numbers.

Staying hydrated with water and even things like diet teas is helpful to bring the blood sugar down and flush the keytones!

Hopefully your son feels better soon!

We deal with illnesses ALL the time. My 4 year old son picks up everything. Stomach issues are the hardest for us. If he throws up a few times, he won't eat for a week. Then comes the ketones. He just had ketones for a week. Then the following week all he wants to do is eat. Every child is different. Hopefully yours isn't stubborn. My son has had the croup 3 times since December and had to get steroids. Mental note: steroids raises blood sugar tremendously!!!!! And can last for 3 days.