Hey so I was just woundering does anyone have any tricks to having a low A1c ? My last one was 6.8 but I want to get it down just a bit  but im seeing a new dr who dosent want me to have any lows at all even if it means running high she is not my endo so I don't want her screwing my a1c but Just woundering what was your last A1C and any tips?

Consistency is the trick. Lows may get you there, but they are not to healthy. I hit 5.8 this last one and I was a bit surprised because I was not running lows to often. When I looked back at the data the trick was the amount of time I was in range. If I was high it was for a short time at best. If I was going low I treated it before getting too low.  

A CGM helped also, but that was not the key, it just made the management more recognizable when looking back at the data. 

Patience is another trick to success.