A few pieces of mine

Your Tragedy

Bury your dead
and walk with me

in your complex
the soulless gather

the misty moon
will tear you

gone is your beloved
the flower to wilt

in an ocean of calm
far from forever
you cry to the sky

the metaphor of your life
reciprocal denial of time
blinded by love
expel your hate into me

overcome by your lust
the heresy is true
come what may child
and suckle the wound

the tragedy of life
a solemn requiem to me
your acceptance of faith
and disdain for closure

guided by the misfortune
tempted by the solace
heed the warning in light
and fall forever sweet love

Heed the Call of the Demon

Wrap you in my darkness and bleed with me
your God has left you tonight, my sacrifice
give unto me what he has stolen
your eternity is my heaven

forget that you can't leave
and drink from the river
blacken your soul with my love
chained to me, you are mine

astride your demon float through the night with his sorrow
the garden of evil is your asylum
from the depths of the black your soul is afire
reach into time and turn back the hour

know that he lied
and I am your truth
he will tremble at the sight
of his kingdom's collapse
we stand at the gates
his throne for the taking
seized all at once

I have given you the knowledge
of which you were denied
purged of the lies
your mind is at ease

stand by my side in this glorious waste
in seven days the rebellion is complete
the goliath of man, no more
the saints of Hell sound their trumpets

a monolith to mark our triumph
launch the raven from your hands
guided by the night
he delivers the message of absolution


I see you in my dreams
Am haunted by your image
The forbidden night we shared
I can not shake you

Why do you torment me
This burden I can not bear
My mind is not ready
My heart alone as well

I will suffer the pain
Of casting you out
A mistake of certainty
Maybe in another life

If given the chance
Accept it I will
But unjust pain
We are no more

Second Chance

Tell me it is okay for me to love you
in my heart the feeling grows

you have breathed new life into me
I relish this gift and hold it dear

Rescinded fear and hope anew
gone is woe and angst

The triumph of your spirit
and the brightness of your light

Taken away the darkness that enshrouded me
broken the chains that bound my soul

This power you have is eternal
turn it away I shall not


I remember my life after you
When you pulled the blade across my heart
And smiled as you stood above me

The creak of the lid singing in my ears
Or was it your laughter that was there
My tears could not dry in such short time

Blurred vision now as my guidance
Memories fragmented and fractured by your curse
Snow falling from my ashes of suffering

You were sweet when you let me fall
Slipping your hand from mine, averting your eyes
Between us truth shared of pain and sorrow

My tired eyes open no longer
It is comfortable in your shadow
The best memory to fade from your mind

You Walked Away

A powdered field of subtle restraint
Till the earth and harvest the bounty
Stockpile the fresh gold of counted horror
The scream reflects from the new moon

Awash in tedium and lively torture
The prison door slowly closes out the light
Whispering, gentle shadows greeting the forlorn
Whiteout their eyes to shelter them from truth

The scars form slowly from the wounds
Blood lost its direction to the fountain
Settled in pools by their feet, they kneel
Conscience objection to the loss and the fear

The canvas is clean again after the rain
Thunder holds the mask given for eternity
A chaste love affair leaves the shore
The greenest ocean and hollow wind now control

Joe I think you are an amazing poet, very honest and brave. As I was reading Second Chance I felt incredibly inspired. Fullness has all of my empathy. You have too many wonderful pieces, I cannot choose a favorite. Post more when you can.

Thank you.  I will try and write some more in the near future and I will post them up if I like them.

very moving Joe