A Day In The Life Of T1D VLOG

So I’ve had T1D for almost 10 years now and due to my very hectic/spontaneous life style it’s been very difficult to manage.
Earlier this year I got the medtronic CGM and it has helped a lot but I’m still struggling with giving diabetes a bigger relevance in my life. So my dr. suggested I start a diary to force me to spend more time with it. I took it a step further and started a T1D VLOG. It helps me keep track of my diabetes and also share my thoughts about certain things that happen as a diabetic. If you wanna check it out you can follow the link and maybe you can relate to certain things and feel free to start a discussion/advise. Always ready to learn more

Hi @PartyInMyPancreas,

This is a rather unique pathway into sharing concerns and suggestions for PWD; wish you success and a large following. Just something I’m not yet into yet, I’ve only been geeking around with computers since the 1960s and have had email since before “.com” came into existence - but …

I do have a question. Why do you use your Minimed pump - the model I use - only as a CGM reader and not using it for infusion of insulin? Taking that “next step” could be very rewarding in your management of T1. Just a thought from a guy who has been living with insulin for about 50 years longer than you.

Hey Dennis,
thanks for checking the VLOG out. I’ve heard mixed feelings about the pump. Some love it and others cant stand it.
The reason I chose to not use it (for now) is because for the past 5 years I’ve been working on stage a lot and having something attached to my body like that was always a hindrance. I was also skeptical about wearing the CGM for that reason, however it’s so much more discrete and easy to hide.
I might give the pump a go in a different stage of my life, but as of now I’m trying to get the best out of the CGM.

How do you like the Pumo-CGM combination? Is it working for you?

I can understand you not wearing the pump while on-stage, but with the “quick release” on the Medtronic infusion sets your pump is easily removed during performance. What type performance do you do? You may know that this year Miss New Hampshire competed in the bathing suit exposure while wearing her pump. Last year, Miss [I think] Colorado did the same.

I have found that my pumps, I’m now on my third Minimed model, have given me much freedom especially when traveling for business with erratic mealtimes. I too refused switching to a pump; I was first offered one in the 1980s when the pump was more restrictive and the sice of a large wall phone.

I don’t use the CGM with my pump but wish that I could; I’m waiting for Medicare to “wake up” and at least subsidize some of the cost - right now a monthly supply of VGM is about 150% of my Social Security check.