670g - Giving Bolus using Sensor Glucose Reading only?


I am back again with another question regarding the 670g. My daughter is 12 years old (diagnosed at age 7) and just started using the 670g about 3 weeks ago. She had been using DEXCOM CGM and Animas Ping pump since 2014. Does Medtronic say it is okay to bolus for high BG using only the sensor glucose reading when using Manual Mode and/or Auto Mode? I know that DEXCOM now allows its users to bolus from sensor BG readings.

Thanks. Cheryl (Maggie’s mom)

Hi Maggie’s Mom @cherylkilpatrick , it isn’t so much a question of what either Medtronic or Dexcom say but rather where you feel comfortable AND what has been proven to be safe.
So far, the Federal Food and Drug Administration [the FDA] has not approved the Medtronic sensor readings for “therapeutic” use - i.e., has not approved Medtronic sensors for dosing insulin. Strange in a way, because I don’t see that there was any objection for those same sensors to be used in the “smart” pumps for adjusting and/or suspending basal insulin.
Three weeks experience in judging the accuracy in Maggie’s body “may” be too soon for you to be certain. I’m not a medical doctor, if she was my daughter I’d err on the side of caution - if you do a correction dose based on sensor, keep a close eye on her.

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Personally I would never give a bolus for a high based only on the SG. I will always do a finger stick and give a correction bolus. I have been on the 670G for more than a year now and I just feel, even though I trust the pump and sensor, that is is wise to check BG before bolusing. Good luck and ask away. :smiley:

I definitely would say not to base a bolus on sensor readings. If you read the books that they send with the pump, they say never to determine bolus on sensor readings. Even with Dexcom sensors I would never make that call on a sensor reading because different things can throw the sensor off or there may just be enough of a difference from a meter reading it could take her low.

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