670g Critical Error

I had a previous Minimed pump for 12 years and never had a problem. I got the 670g a year ago and last August I got a critical error and needed to replace my pump. It made for a crazy weekend but it was worth it. My A1C levels have been the best in decades. This past week I got ANOTHER critical error needing to replace my pump again. I’m beginning to wonder if there are more problems then they are letting us know about.

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Prior to changing to a Tandem t-Slim pump earlier this year I had used a succession of three MiniMed [Medtronic] pumps and incurred one “critical error”.
The [USA] FDA keeps logs of all medical failures/problems reported and you can view that information; according to the FDA, the most commonly reported device failures are with infusion devices used by individuals [not contented to medical facilities] [- and most reported are insulin pumps. Part of the “most reported” stems from insulin pumps being widely used by independent users.
You will need to sift through the FDA materials, but it is there.