630G v. 670G

Hey y’all I’ve been only using the pump for a little over a month now and I love it! I’m using the Minimed 630G and i’m curious to all the people who have used the 670G what is the difference?

I know it has a different system that makes your life easier but I don’t see how it can get any easier that just putting in numbers and it knowing how much insulin to give you. Lol.

@Racheltoner hi Rachel,

both the 630G and 670G are pumps, both have programmed basal rates, both can be programmed with different carb ratios at different times of the day. Both pumps communicate with a CGM, a sensor you can wear to transmit your blood sugar back tot he pump where you can see it.

The 630G will stop pumping (auto suspend) if you go low according to the CGM. Typically useful if you can’t feel your lows or you have some problems going low overnight.

The 670G, in “auto mode” can stop insulin delivery on low CGM, but it can also slow down insulin delivery on a trend that will cause you to go low. Only the 670G can increase insulin delivery on a rise in CGM reading. It’s the first “closed loop” (technical term meaning insulin delivery, both decreases and increases, based on CGM sensor feedback) insulin pump to reach market.

That being said, the whole 670G show is based on the CGM. Some people find CGM to be inaccurate, or inconvenient. Some find calibrations so difficult they just can t get it to work. Some people have issues with interstitial fluid and find the CGM just doesn’t work at all for them.

you can always get the CGM that works with your 630G pump, and see how you feel about it… the 670G uses a different CGM but the basis is close, and so if you like the CGM and find it useful and “accurate enough”, you may find the 670G a very useful tool.

hope this helps. cheers.