2 year old with sudden highs

I have a 27 month old son (diagnosed @ 12 months) on a pump since Jan 2016 & CGM for the past 3weeks. He was doing pretty well for a while but I’ve noticed recently that it seems that he’s spiking after meals where he didn’t used to before. I’ve adjusted his bolus and his basal rates but it seems that he’s spiking close to 2-3 hours after eating which seems a little odd.

I’m able to watch his BS trend constantly thru his monitor so I see where his insulin starts working but it just starts spiking close to the 3 hour mark. He’s even spiking to the high 200’s at night for the past week.

I’m going to call his Endo in the am but I just wanted to know if there are an parents out there that have see these sudden dramatic changes in their little ones.

Thanks :blush: